Deciding on a sire for Windy's second 'rendezvous' happened as a result of one of those moments where you feel you've been whacked in the head by a 2 x 4.  
Not in a bad way at all, but in the way that says "HELLOOOOOO" and brings the subtle obvious, to the head of the line.  Initially catching my eye at the VCA
Nationals in 2012 as a robust dog who carried himself quite well for a boy just a little over 2 years old.  I awarded him a "smiley face" in my catalog that day as he
was awarded 2nd place in a lovely class of 17 Open Dogs.  As my search proceeded something kept bringing me back to the smiley faces in my catalog, of which
there were few, and Baron's.  It wasn't until months later, email exchanges and phone conversations with Baron's breeder, and constant validation
from a friend, that the qualities that made Baron distinctive (his robust size, bone, confidence, etc) to me were exactly those things that Windy (aka Lunchbox)
needed!!  His presence in the ring was eye catching, but not flashy and overdone...however watching him move was heart-stopping, almost as if to say "Ready?  
Watch THIS!"  For a boy of this stature, his movement is light and efficient, his body balanced and proportionate, from his sweet but very "BOY" headpiece,
through his neck & shoulders, to a strong topline, finishing with proper tail set & confident carriage.

Shown on a limited basis, some of Baron's Boasts are:

Reserve Winners Dog (from 6-9 Month Puppy Class), Old Dominion Vizsla Club (10/11)
Best Puppy, Conestoga Vizsla Club Supported Entry (3/11)
Puppy Sporting Group 3, Maryland Sporting Dog Association (3/11)
5 Pt. GCH major (over 5 dog specials) first day as a special (as a bump up after finishing the day before)
Almost exclusively breeder-handled

But a boy's gotta have more than looks to catch the eye of Windy, she's discriminating enough about the people she loves, let alone the boys..he's got to be
charming!  A lighthearted natured and go-with-the-flow personality is just what fits the bill for her.  Baron is the Dowling's first Vizsla and I'm assured, he has set
the bar high for future Vizslas to come.  Known for a random 'case of the zoomies' and ability to play dress up, entertaining is just another of Baron's talents.  
Almost exclusively handled in the show ring by his breeder, Rich Black, he's at home wherever he goes.

Baron's pedigree boasts several influential dogs making wonderful contributions to the Vizsla breed and breeders dedicated to producing dogs of sound health and
temperament through decades of selective breeding.  It is a true honor to have the legacy these dogs and breeders have built adding to our family and enhancing the
future of my breeding program.

I am quite excited and deeply thankful to Rich & Melina Black, Sassafras Vizslas, and Jim & Monica Dowling for allowing
Windy the honor of being Baron's first bride.
****Windy & Baron welcomed 3 healthy boys on April 12, 2013, affectionately dubbed,
The Snack Pack!!

We anticipate a repeat breeding in 2014!!!!