Bela was a gift from Julia Bonar, Keystone Vizslas.  He
was from an orphaned litter, losing his mom, Fizz, at
the same time I lost my first Vizsla, Czardas.  I will
never forget the conversation I had with Julia on the
phone about him, as his litter was very special to her,
because of the loss of Fizz.

"I think he just needs to come live with you and
Thyme, it will do you all some good."

The rest is history.  There could not have been a more
perfect time, for the perfect boy.  My life has never
been the same since
Bela came to town.

He's a dog you just love with your soul.
~Bela's Road to a Championship~

Winners Dog:  FOUR POINT MAJOR from 6 to 9 month puppy class, Conyers KC (Thyme was Best of Winners the same day)        
Best of Winners:  FIVE POINT MAJOR at the Vizsla Club of Michigan Specialty
(Adult Sporting Group Winner at the match the night before)       
Winners Dog:  FOUR POINT MAJOR, Mahoning-Shenango KC
Best of Winners:  FOUR POINT MAJOR, Lima KC TO FINISH...owner-handled!

~Bela's Journey with Juniors~

Sarah Congleton, Best Junior (2008) at MVVCs very first Junior Showmanship competition
Sarah Congleton, VCA Nationals class placement
Sarah Congleton, 'make the cut' in Best of Breed, VCA Nationals 2009
Tanner Congleton,
Best Junior, Mid-Kentucky KC defeating over 40 competitors making him a Top 10 Vizsla Junior!
Sarah Congleton, repeat performance MVVC Best Junior 2009
Sire:  CH AFC Red Oak's Cool Hand Luke MH
Dam:  CH Triad's Sloe Gin Fizz CD JH
Bred By:  Julia Bonar, Keystone Vizslas
Loved by:  Holly Hatfield & Sarah Congleton
DOB: May 19, 2003
OFA Hips:  GOOD (VZ-9246G24M-PI)
OFA Elbows:   NORMAL (VZ-EL486M24-PI)
DNA: V370049
CERF: NORMAL (VZ593) 3/2006
Thyroid (MI State/OFA): NORMAL VZ-TH131/28M-PI
CHIC: 31252
Sarah & Bela:  Best Junior MVVC 2009
His temperament makes him
a wonderful companion and
provides a solid template for
building a strong working
team in any competition
venue we pursue. He is a
typical Vizsla boy and would
go to the ends of the Earth, to
make you happy.  Intense in
enthusiasm, he exudes a true
love of life.

Every day is a good day,
according to Bela.