Wags & Brags 2014

Riggs goes 4 for 4 and earns his SENIOR HUNTER title in back to back weekend hunt tests!!!***

***Pending submission, this now qualifies our foundation bitch, CH Keystone Clozing Thyme At Red River JH "Thyme" for her REGISTRY OF MERIT award
from the Vizsla Club of America for her contribution to the breed through her offspring!!


Kentuckiana Pointing Breeds Fall Hunt Test October 25th & 26th

Tempo earns his final Junior Hunter leg to complete his JH title!!
Riggs goes back to the field after an almost 6 year hiatus and knocks out legs 1 and 2 of his Senior Hunter!


Miami Valley Vizsla Club Specialty & Sweepstakes
June 13th

Potter wins her Veteran Sweeps Class but develops a small 'hitch in her giddyup' and is pulled from the Veteran regular class.
Tempo wins his Sweeps class and goes forward to earn Best Puppy In Sweepstakes among a very lovely entry of puppies!

Tempo wins the Bred-By Exhibitor Class.
Capone wins the Field Trial Dog Class.
Windy wins the Field Trial Bitch Class.

Tempo is awarded Winners Dog/Best of Winners for his THIRD major (4-points) behind his mother, Windy, who is awarded Select Bitch for a 5-point Grand
Champion major


May 25:  Introducing CHAMPION Red River's Flash Mob JH!!  Capone put in a one day appearance in Hamilton, Ohio handled by Lauren Heun (a very valuable member
of Team Red River), and knocked out his last single needed to complete his title, going
Winners Dog!  Capone earned all but his final single from the Bred-By class.  He is
Potter's FIRST Champion and is over 1/2 way to following in her pawprints to become another Red River Dual Champion!


KPBA & WCGL Double Bubble Hunt Test
April 5th & 6th

Snack Pack boys Gunner & Tempo do it up right. Having limited prior bird exposure & training is no match for Gunner who goes 4 for 4 to start AND finish his Junior
Hunter title!! Tempo goes 3 for 4, needing just a single pass to finish. So proud to introduce
Red River's Bide'N Thyme JH!!!


Louisville Cluster March 13th through 16th: Although no love was shown to the 'singles' member Capone, the SuperStar in the ring for the Red River crew was
TEMPO!!! Entered for 3 days he took a 3-point Best of Winners MAJOR on Friday and a 3-point Winners Dog MAJOR on Sunday!  Thank you to Lauren Heun for
taking him in the ring for Winners from the 9-12 class on Friday. His major on Sunday was from the Bred-By Exhibitor class!! GO 'PO!!

March 9th: Windy defines one of my proudest moments as a Breeder/Owner/Trainer/Handler. After YEARS of trying to work her through some bad experiences in field
training, she proudly earns her first GUNDOG placement at the Kentuckiana Pointing Breeds Association Spring trial. She takes
GOLD (3rd) in a 14-starter Amateur Gun
stake. She held through a blown back and stolen point, & went on to have another successful find!!  I could not have done this without the support of wonderful
friends and fellow bird dog enthusiasts...YAY LUNCHBOX!!


February 6th: Tempo goes back in the ring for his 2nd 'official' dog show and takes Winners Dog!!!
February 7th: A repeat for the 'Poboy with a kick, Best of Winners for his first point from the Bred By Class!!!
February 8th: Capone steps in picking up where Tempo left off, earning Best of Winners and Best Bred-By for a single!
February 9th: Closing out the weekend in the purple, Capone takes another Winners Dog for another point and membership to the 'single point' club, needing just 1 to
finish his Championship.....


January 19th: Tempo gets a little practice for the show ring at the Southern Indiana KC Puppy Match. What a wonderful surprise that Baby 'Poboy wins BEST PUPPY
among a lineup of some lovely puppies. What a way to kick off the year 'Po!!!: