Capone's show ring debut
DNA:  V668064
OFA (cardiac):  VZ-CA431  (CLEAR)
OFA (hips):  VZ-13482E24M-VPI (EXCELLENT)
OFA (elbows):  VZ-EL1869M24-VPI (NORMAL)
OFA (thyroid):  VZ-TH997/33M-VPI
PennHIP (LH/RH):  .23/.21 (90th PERCENTILE)
CERF:  VZ-381256 (CLEAR)
CHIC:  102666
A little about Capone:

I always wanted a Potter son.  I wasn't sure I would be able to have that wish, given my oldest (and first) male Vizsla was a tad discriminating with other boys.  When Capone was
born, I was determined to make it work.  Capone's mild mannered and 'go with the flow' personality, even as a young puppy, allowed he and Bela to actually become....friends.  
Capone never challenged him, gave him his personal space, and actually guarded him when Bela became sick.  Little did I know, Capone would become the caretaker in my home,
always comforting and believing first-hand that the best therapy is a good, old-fashioned cuddle.

He never meets a stranger, dog or human.  His often exuberant "tigger bounce" is generally the way you'll be greeted by Capone.  We formed a bond so quick and so strong, that it
guides us in everything we do.  He's extremely biddable, but not soft.  He has inherited many wonderful traits from his parents.  An easy keeper in the home, he's a cuddly lap dog.  
But a rapid flip of his "bird dog" switch and superhero Capone hops out of his changing booth with a fierce name-taking work ethic in the field.

Capone is a bird dog by heart.  His drive in the field, precise nose, and natural retrieve have made working with him one of my greatest passions.  He is the first dog that I have taken
through puppy/derby and through the breaking process to gundog stakes, by myself.  He has been trained
entirely by me to his Dual Championship and his Amateur Field
.  This has not only strengthened the bond between us, but it has taught me a lot about myself and the constant desire to learn how to better communicate with my dogs.

The son of the highest titled field dog in US Vizsla history and a Dual Champion, Amateur Field Champion mom, both parents have received recognition at the National level in the
field, multiple times.  His pedigree boasts many National Field Champions, Dual Champions, Amateur Field Champions, Show Champions, and titles in many other areas.  

Capone is a SEVENTH generation Dual Champion and my second home-bred DC/AFC.   The best title this dog could ever hold, however, he earned the day he was born.....
photo courtesy Derek Baune
photo courtesy Derek Baune
    Some Highlights on Capone:

  • Breed history's FIRST Grand Champion, Dual Champion, Amateur Field Champion,
    NAVHDA Utility Prize 1
  • Breeder/Owner/Trained/Handled to DC and AFC
  • 2018 All Star Review Winner held in conjunction with VCA National Specialty Show
  • Sire of multiple show Champions (others major pointed)
  • his first GRAND Champion (Scout 2018),
  • His First NAVHDA UT2 Prize offspring (Prairie, 2018)
  • Multiple NAVHDA NA Prize 1 pups, hunt test titled,& field trial placements
  • NSTRA pointed offspring (Magnus, 2019)
  • His first Trick Dog offspring (Ranger, 2018)
  • Capone is versatility at its finest and selectively bred to continue that versatility