This is what makes Vizslas...IRRESISTABLE
She's not happy, she's ECSTATIC!!!
Bird Invasion!!
Zen Czardas!!
Sire:  DC AFC Mar-Ed's Ask'm He Knoz SH VC ROM
Dam:  Porter Hills Kelsey
Breeders:  Patrick & Laura McMinn
Owned & Forever Loved by:  Holly Hatfield
~July 8th, 2013~

Every year, about this time, I start to have moments where my chest just feels hollow.  Not panic or heart attack chest pains, but that feeling you get when you
know something good is coming to an end.  It's a little bit sad, a little bit reminiscent....

....but a whole lot grateful that it happened.

I find myself every year, when those feelings start, visiting this webpage to find I'm only days away from the "soul birthday" of my first Vizsla, Czardas.  The
anniversary of the day of the passing of  my "first".

This year was no different, but I found when I hit her page, not only was this day of celebrating her life and her memory knocking on the door, it also happens to
be her 10-year soul-birthday.

Czardas' soul celebrates 10 years of being worry, care, and pain, July 8th, 2013.

I've often wondered if not truly remembering the day she 'died' is a good or bad thing.  I remember her "birth" birthday...July 21, 1997 and I wonder if maybe my
mind has just chosen to block out that night she died because of how bad it hurt and how awful she felt, how she incessantly vocalized in the hospital from the
morphine drip...only until she heard my voice.  And how bad that broke my heart, still does to this day.  Maybe it's my heart's own way of not dwelling on those
gut wrenching painful hours, but remembering her more for her life, her laugh, and her love.

Shortly after she died, I still couldn't grasp how a dog just entering the prime of her life was gone.  She was just shy of 6 years old and after a month of fever, not
eating, lethargy, rounds of antibiotics, blood work, surmounting pain....all hell broke loose one afternoon when I heard her screaming from my living room.  I
found her sitting upright on the couch, seizing.  As I carried her to my car, she peed all over me.  A spinal tap, 24 hours, and 1 dose of IV Fluconazole later, she
lost her fight with Cryptococcal Meningitis, so I let her go.

Anyway, I remember one day after she passed, not able to grasp she was gone, my grandfather, in his very compassionate way said he believed that all God's
creatures have a job on this earth and sometimes it takes them a long time to "get the job done" so to speak, but some creatures are so miraculous, they
accomplish their job in a very short amount of time, and God calls them back.  I thought about his words today while reminiscing about her and holding her the
night she passed telling her not to leave me.  "Things are just about to get good for us girl."

Tonight it occurred to me...maybe her job was to get  me TO the 'good stuff'.  Well if that's the case...girl, you did a damned good job!

Thyme was just a little over a year when Czardas passed.  Fast forward 10 years later and as I look at the 5 dogs living in my home, I can honestly say...Czardas
started this.  I have 3 generations of dogs in my home because of her.  I have met some of the most amazing people and achieved goals far beyond anything I ever
dreamed....because of her.I have learned about living, laughing, and loving...through her.

Czardas was a pet.  She never set paw in the show ring and she was gun shy.  She never whelped a  litter.  She was one hell of a swimmer, a fetch playing
FREAK, slept in my bed every night once she was housebroke, and never met a stranger.  Czardas instilled a lot of foundation values with the title "just a pet" that
validated it to be one of the most cherished titles a dog can own.  Although not through breeding, she became a foundation for Red River.  She was the type of
dog as a breeder, I wanted my puppy families to know what it felt like to be owned by.

10 years later....I still miss her and I still think of her.  At times I look at each one of my dogs and see a piece of her in them.

Tonight I wish her a Happy 10th Soul Birthday...and as I look at Thyme, Bela, Potter, Windy, & Capone...I thank her for a job VERY well done.