CH Red River's Two Thymer JH
DOB:  May 18th, 2015
DC Red River's Flash Mob JH
Dam :  GCH Red River's Get Sirius JH
DNA:  V764300
9/9/2015:  At just 3 months old (ok, she's 3 and 1/2 months) there is already so
much to say about Grits.  She and her siblings are a true testament to what my
"long term" breeding goal was, or at least a huge step. Her registered name
explains her pedigree, she is line-bred on my foundation bitch,
Thyme.  She
embodies a piece of everything I have in my home in one little feisty girl.  There's a
fire in this girl that burns about 10 times the size of her body and her personality
walks in the room well before she does, just like her mother,
Windy.  She has bold
independence and great curiosity to "try anything once", just like her daddy,
and her Gramma,
Potter.  But what I love most about her is her sweetness that
Thyme owned until her last breath.  Despite her often "kiss my Grits" attitude, she
has the uncanny ability to melt in your arms and melt your heart.

She was born on the eve of her "uncle",
Béla's birthday and was paramount in
bringing joy to what was destined to be a very lonely day.  We lost Béla in June 2014
to hemangiosarcoma and our home has not been the same since.
11 weeks &up to no good
*NAVHDA NA Prize I Perfect Score

*2017 MVVC Specialty Winners Bitch