Czardas & I in Red River Gorge
Welcome to Red River Vizslas!!

I have been involved with Vizslas since 1996.  The craze began
with a few dog sitting jobs for some Vizsla families, a few dog
shows, a hunt test,  and I was hooked.  I got my first Vizsla,
Czardas, in 1997 and currently have 4 Vizslas in residence:
Potter & Windy, and their sons Capone & Tempo.

I compete with my Vizslas in the show ring, field, and
obedience.  We have dabbled in agility with intent on returning.  
I believe in promoting the Vizsla as a versatile breed and feel
there are no limits with a well rounded Vizsla.

In breeding, I select for health and temperament above all.  I
breed for a healthy, happy, conformationally correct hunting
dog.  I follow the Vizsla Club of America Code of Ethics in
breeding DNA'd dogs and through health testing by OFA,
PennHIP, & CERF, as well as thyroid screening my dogs
prior to

My kennel name,
Red River, popped into my head one summer
day on a 4-mile hike through
Red River Gorge with Czardas.  It
happened to pour down rain on our hike, right as we reached
Gray's Arch.  While taking shelter under the arch, Czardas let out
a famous V-Rooooo that echoed of how happy she was and it
stuck.  Our hike that day was one of the most memorable days I
had with her, it only seemed fitting to include it in the lives of
my Vizslas to come
I hope you enjoy your visit through my site and leave with a feel for
my love of the breed, my goals to only breed to promote and better the
breed, and see that my dogs are not just dogs, they are
they are my

Feel free to email me with any questions about my dogs, rescue, or
the breed in general.
Windy & I after hunt test success