Red River's In The Moment
Keller was the most difficult in the litter to name, not because we didn't have a slew of names for her, but because we had to
find the right show what a truly special girl she is.  "Keller" is Irish for "little companion" and we felt it only fitting
for the life she is certain to lead.  Keller represents a common bond shared by two friends who came together through the
tragedy of losing a Vizsla companion way before their time.

Keller is a constant reminder to her family and I, that it is
sooo important to live "in the moment" because one never knows
how many 'moments' we get to share with our companions so each one is as precious as the next.
Sire:  CH Jim Mar's Tarot
Dam:  CH Keystone Clozing Thyme At Red River JH
Owned & Loved by:  John & Audrey Randolph
& Holly Hatfield
DOB:  August 13, 2004
DNA:  V482986
Keller Spring 2010