See artist Kimberly Santini's talented replication of this picture
**on exhibition NOW**

Thank you Kimberly, for finding Thyme to be as special to you as
she is to me!!
With a golden heart, a body wiggle powered by a tail-wag, and a priceless temperament, Thyme is the dictionary definition of a
Vizsla.  She strives to be my constant companion and her loyalty has earned her a permanent place in my heart.  In addition to
Thyme's personality allows her to perform and succeed in anything she desires.  Thyme joined my Vizsla family in the
Summer of 2002 and took my love for the breed to a whole new level.  She would not only become my first show dog, my first
hunt test titled dog, but the foundation bitch for Red River Vizslas.
DNA#: V293159
OFA Elbows:  NORMAL (VZ-EL383F26-PI)
MI State/OFA Thyroid:  NORMAL (VZ-TH83/26F-PI)
MI State Thyroid 2008:  Normal
CERF:  NORMAL (9/04)
CHIC#: 26493
~Thyme's Progeny~

The Sprout Litter (2004)

The BooBerries Litter (2006)

The KREWE (2008)
Sire:  DC AFC Triad's Dry Martini MH CD
Dam:  CH Triad Keystone Make Mine A Double
May 9, 2002 - September 11, 2013
Bred By:  Julia Bonar, Keystone Vizslas
Owned & Loved by:  Holly Hatfield
Thyme & Sarah debut in the Veterans ring