CH Keystone Clozing Thyme At Red River JH
(CHIC, DNA, OFA Elbows)
DOB:  May 9, 2002
Breeder:  Julia Bonar, Keystone Vizslas
Owner:  Dr. Holly Hatfield, Red River Vizslas
CH Jim Mar's Tarot
(OFA, DNA, Thyroid)
DOB:  October 31, 1999
Breeders:  Ann Keil & Margie Gorslene, Jim Mar's
Owners:  Dr. Jack & Sarah Nightengale
Boo finished his Championship with multiple majors from the 9-12 month puppy class, owner handled.  A solid and honest dog, Boo has
proven that he is built to move.  With reach and drive to complement his presence in a stance,
Boo keeps you him!  He is a dog
of accomplishment, both in the ring and as a noted sire.

With his first litter being the only litter of competition age, they have definitely made people stand and take notice.  A Best in Specialty
Show, Top 10 ranking, Group Winning, multiple Specialty Winner's Dog and Winner's Bitch awards, Nationals Award of Merit, Best in
Sweepstakes, and Best in Show Bred-by Exhibitor....all before turning 2 years old.  These pups are not only pretty, but BIRDY.  Some to be
making their field trial debut this coming season, with some already trained as hunting companions.

Boo has an exceptional temperament noticed in his wigglebutt attitude.  Never meeting a stranger, Boo will guarantee a nice face washing
and hugs but you must promise a butt scratch.

I am excited to bring
Boo's pedigree into my breeding program and greatly anticipate the excitement these pups will bring to Red River
Boo complements Thyme, bringing together a blend of exceptional field abiltiy, conformation soundness, trainability, and that
characteristic Vizsla "love me" temperament.
~Meet The BooBerries~
Whelped August 13th, 2006
5 Girls & 3 Boys