Breeding a litter is a responsibility we take very seriously.  A great deal of planning & preparing goes into each breeding even before puppies are
whelped.  Countless hours of dedication are given to planning each litter we produce and even greater dedication to getting that litter off to a good
start once it arrives.  Our litters are raised in our home and around our other dogs as members of the family from the day they are born.  They are
socialized and exposed to people and situations as they grow and great effort is put forth to begin crate training and housebreaking, as well as other
tasks, by the time your puppy joins your family.  Our puppies are evaluated prior to joining their new homes and our best efforts are put into place to
determine which puppy fits best into which home, which is why we feel it so important to have a thoroughly completed puppy questionnaire to give
us a template into prospective homes.   
New families are strongly encouraged to visit our litters once puppies are old enough.

Some items of note about our litters:

  • All non-performance/show puppies are sold on Limited Registration.
  • Puppies are not 'reserved' or sold on first come first served basis.  Deposits are taken once the litter is born and ONLY if a puppy will join your
    family, not to hold a spot in the 'picking order' for this or future litters.
  • Our dogs are not a 'business', we do not breed to meet a demand, nor offer 'testimonials' on 'satisfied customers'.
  • We offer LIFETIME support and puppies MUST be returned to us, in any event you can no longer keep the puppy.
  • Email inquiries strictly requesting price and availability will not be answered.
Since December 2010
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Exciting Late 2017/Early 2018 Litter Plans!

Red River Spring 2018:  We are planning a litter of our own, our first in almost 3 years!!

CH Red River's Two Thymer JH NAVHDA NA1, "Grits"  
will be bred to
CH Kivalo's My Man Milo At Martinsen MH NAVHDA UT1, "Milo"

Litter Pedigree
We have a small waiting list but are still considering homes for this litter.  Homes will be thoroughly screened and all
puppies are sold on contract.  Hunting and performance families preferred, but not required.
If you are seriously interested in being considered for a puppy from this litter, please contact me at:

Litters by Our Boys!!

November 2017:  Capone has been bred to Sadie (DC Antares Serenade BN)!!  I am honored that Patty & Geoffrey
Hart (Antares Vizslas) have decided to incorporate Capone into their breeding program and chosen him for Sadie.  This
breeding excites me as it returns to some of the older Valley Hunter dogs behind Capone's mom, Potter, a kennel noted
for producing versatility in Vizslas.  

This litter will be whelped and raised in Florida.  If you are interested in being considered for a puppy, please contact
Patty Hart at: