Zydeco became nicknamed 'rajun cajun'
before he left for the bayou.  The thinker of
the litter, he has now become the man about
the town down in Louisiana.  He has made
many friends and admirers at the SLVC
outings, is mastering water retrieves and
riding "shotgun" in the car with daddy Stan.

I am particularly fond of  his registered
name.  Not only is it the name of a Southern
Comfort cocktail, it also contains Daphne's
middle name, Pride.  I like to think of
Zydeco as Daphne's angel harboring the
soul of her mother, who passed away shortly
before they arrived to pick up
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I'm RUFF, hit me AGAIN.....
is that all you've got??.....
...gimme yer best shot.....
look at me when I'm talkin' to ya???
the sneak attack approach always works.....
photo curteousy of Ned
Sire:  DC Valley Hunter's Southern Comfort MH CD NAJ VC
Dam:  CH Keystone Clozing Thyme At Red River JH
Loved & Owned By:  Stan Gibbons & Daphne Durant
DOB:  December 6, 2004